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Water Damage, Three Points,  CAFlood waters are most certainly a major offender when it comes to extensive water damage situations, but in most cases it is often the overlooked areas that cause the most headaches and problems. Broken pipes can also be a common cause of water damage in your home or business, causing gallons of water to come rushing through your living room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. These problems need to be fixed as soon as possible. Delaying these repairs can be extremely costly as water damage can lead to content damage and structural decline. If you are in need of water damage cleanup in any area of your Three Points, CA home or business, give Renew Restoration a call today!

Our Process

  • Your Project Manager is your key point of contact. He’ll walk you through our contract, answer your questions, guide your technicians, and work with the adjuster assigned to your claim. Don’t forget: your Project Manager works for you. He’s there to help you through this.
  • Once excess water has been removed, your technicians will set up a few different types of equipment. This equipment is designed to dehumidify the air. Removing as much moisture as possible from the air is key to protect the walls, ceilings, flooring, fixtures, etc. of your home or office from further damage. You might find these machines to be noisy (like a loud hair dryer or fan). If you’re uncomfortable with this noise, talk to your Project Manager.
  • During business hours, you’ll need to call your insurance company and open a claim. Your Project Manager will be happy to help you with this process. Opening a claim should only take a few minutes. When your insurance company’s representative gives you your claim number, write this down. We’ll need it later.
  • Once the crew has removed water and any damaged building material, set up equipment, documented the damage that occurred, and tidied up after themselves, we’ll get out of your hair. In most cases, we’ll need to stop by each day to take new moisture readings and adjust our equipment. As soon as the moisture content in the air is at a reasonable level, our equipment can be removed.
  • If you need repairs to your Three Points, CA home or office, your Project Manager will let you know. We’ve rebuilt thousands of kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, commercial buildings — you name it — over the years. Our goal is to get your home back to normal (or your business open for business) as fast as humanly possible.

Trained & Certified Technicians

Every job is supervised by an IICRC-certified project manager or lead technician. Our service technicians work swiftly to assess the damage, detect hidden moisture, and properly clean up and remove the water. Water damage emergencies happen all the time but the question is, do you have someone to call? Contact Renew Restoration for immediate help with water damage restoration services.

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